Helping clients make smarter sustainable investment decisions
Helping clients make smarter sustainable investment decisions


Financial institutions. We help financial institutions understand the opportunities and risks associated with the transition to a more sustainable future. We do this through detailed assessment of the investment opportunities based on fundamental analysis and using publicly reported and privately held data. We have worked with numerous investment banks and private equity funds to help understand developments in the sustainability sector, and created risk management and investment strategies.


Natural resource, utility and technology companies. We assist the entire energy and technology supply chains understand how changes in technology, economics and consumer behaviour will affect their businesses. In some cases new developments will be seen as threats, for others they will present opportunities. 


Governments and their agencies. With our deep sector experience we help governments understand the effect of new policies and market interventions. We have advised on tax policies, numerous aspects of tradable allowance schemes, the effects of direct emission limits, recycling quotas and innovative fund management structures.



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