Helping clients make smarter sustainable investment decisions
Helping clients make smarter sustainable investment decisions

About us

Trove Research has been formed to respond to the increasingly complex challenges created as the world moves towards a more sustainable future. The effects of this transition are profound and will be felt across all sectors of economy, especially financial services. Yet understanding the direction and pace of this transition is not straight forward. The rate of technological change is unpredictable, the economics are uncertain and government policies can be fickle. 


The purpose of Trove-Research is to shed light on these uncertainties through detailed, evidence-based research and analysis, building on over 25 years experience in the sector. Our expertise lies in understanding the inter-related effects of policy, technology, economics/finance and markets. We do not have a unique crystal ball to foretell the future, but we do believe that pitfalls can be avoided and smarter decisions made with good analysis and deep sector knowledge.


Like you, we worry. We worry whether we'll make the right calls on how this transition will shape up, and whether our investments will make money. Some of the issues that keep us awake at night include:

  • If I want to invest "sustainably" what does this really mean?  How do I know if my investments are genuinely green? 
  • How dependent are green markets on government subsidies? Can we be confident they will thrive in their own right without fickle government support?  If not, how can I minimise my exposure to policy risk?
  • If renewable technology costs continue to fall, will suppliers ever earn sufficient profits to repay investors? Pension funds are being asked to take positions in the low carbon sector, but are the returns worth the risk? 
  • Who are the best fund managers in this sector? How do I know if they will continue to deliver good returns?

These and other questions will evolve as new technologies are developed, costs change and governments intervene in different ways. Whatever happens though, we will strive to find the answers.

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